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Ok, welcome to the beginning of your new life. This recipe book was designed to help you ELIMINATE Type 2 Diabetes.
This book is very user friendly. Yes, you will lose weight. Yes, you will feel amazing. Yes, you will WIN!
So, here’s what’s in this book. It has 25, very healthy meals and 6 diabetic friendly cheats.
It has a 12 month step by step eating plan, and list of all the zero calorie foods.
This book was designed to help you WIN!
95% OF YOUR SUCCESS relies upon you preparing 95% of your meals!
Contrary to popular beliefs, eating healthy is far less expensive and the results are AMAZING!!
We don’t eat any can foods or frozen vegetables during this journey and we drink at least 6 glasses of water a day.
Other than walking, I don’t recommend any exercises, until you’ve reached 25% of your weight loss goal, only because working out gives you an appetite, leaving room for error in healthy meal decisions.


 Better than a 750 credit score.....lol

Before my diabetes diagnosis, I didn’t have a clue on how to take care of myself.  I was like million other Americans, I ate whatever I had a taste for. 
Then January 2016, I was diagnosed with the deadly disease, DIABETES!  Now my family was full of diabetics, father, aunts and uncles, even my sister had it.  I was ashamed.  How did me, J. Demetrius, get this “thing” in me?  Now I wasn’t a perfect bill of health, but I took pretty good care of myself.  I didn’t eat pork, I didn’t eat a lot of sugars and I didn’t eat a lot of breads.  So I was at a loss for words, with this discovery.

I exercised about 3 months out of the year.  I had picked up a few pounds over the years but it was slow and gradual weight gain, about 3 pounds a year over the past 15 years, which I thought was pretty good. 

  So I, being 50 years old, 6 feet 5 inches and 300 pounds.  I thought I was ok.  So you can understand how puzzled I was with the diagnosis. 
Of course I wasn’t ok; I was OBESE, fat and now dying of this deadly slow killing disease, diabetes.   So on that very day, I started my journey to cure myself.  The doctor gave me pills and a bad xerox copy of what I should eat, and everything on the paper, was what I was eating already, basically.  I remember asking him, if I could beat this thing, and he looked at me with a comforting smile and said, “Just take your meds, and you should be ok”.  But I didn’t just want to be “ok”!  

I had watched family members before me struggle with trying to control this disease.  I watched them try to live with it.  I made the decision that I didn’t want to control it or live with it, I wanted to destroy it, and here’s my journey.  

I first want to say…………I am not a doctor…..of course.  And please keep taking your meds as the doctor prescribed.  My goals and accomplishments are from my on hard work and efforts.

Now, diabetes has two dangerous elements……sugar and fat.  So we need to lose weight….and at the same time, lower our glucose number.  So we have to do 2 things………lose weight and stay away from foods that make us gain weight. 

So the mistake most of us make, is trying to control it.  i don’t have to tell you the complications of diabetes……liver, kidney and heart disease.

It’s a saying ….”Money is in the treatment, NOT the cure.”  So the health care system wants to keep treating you and not helping you eliminate the sickness.   The medicine is just as worst as the disease.



                      Diabetes ……… the Dis – ease


*How Diabetes Develops

After eating a meal, the food is broken down by the digestive system and blood sugar (or glucose) rises. The pancreas is an organ near the stomach, which produces a hormone called insulin. With the help of insulin, the body's cells take up the glucose and use it for energy.  When your body does not produce enough insulin and/or does not efficiently use the insulin it produces, sugar levels rise in the bloodstream. When this happens, it can cause two problems:

1.  Right away, the body's cells may be starved for energy.

2.  Over time, high blood glucose levels may damage the eyes, kidneys, nerves or heart.

Types of Diabetes

There are two main types of diabetes: type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. A  family history of diabetes can significantly increase a person's risk of developing the condition. 

Type 1 Diabetes
Type 1 diabetes is a serious condition that occurs when the pancreas makes little or no insulin. Without insulin, the body is unable to take the glucose (blood sugar) it gets from food into cells to fuel the body. People with type 1 diabetes must take daily insulin or other medications daily. For that reason, this type of diabetes is also referred to as insulin-dependent diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes was previously known as juvenile diabetes because it's usually diagnosed in children and young adults. However, this chronic, lifelong disease can strike at any age, and those with a family history of type 1 diabetes have a greater risk.

Type 2 Diabetes
Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. Historically, type 2 diabetes has been diagnosed primarily in adults. Today, however, adolescents and young adults are developing type 2 diabetes at an alarming rate. This correlates with the increasing incidence of obesity and physical inactivity in this population, both of which are risk factors for type 2 diabetes.

This type of diabetes can occur when:


  •     The body develops "insulin resistance" and can't make efficient use of the insulin it makes, and
  •     The pancreas gradually loses its capacity to produce insulin.

In a mild form, this type of diabetes can go undiagnosed for many years, which is a cause for great concern since untreated diabetes can lead to many serious medical problems, including cardiovascular disease. Type 2 diabetes may be delayed or controlled with diet and exercise.



                     This information was provided by the American Heart Association*

                                                         DNA………………..Its NOT!


DNA:  the fundamental and distinctive characteristics or qualities of someone or something, especially when regarded as unchangeable.


So when the doctor asks if any of your parents are diabetic, what they are really saying is, “your parents didn’t know how to eat….so either will you”!

Our bad eating habits starts at home, and many times because the lack of knowledge.  The food industry promotes to every class of people differently.  And they learn how to classify us by our habits and environments.

The way to fully eliminate this disease is to eat the way humans were supposed to, the human way.  The human way is to eat only which that was made to be eaten.  We complicate our lives trying to simplify our lives.  Each meal should take at least an hour to prepare and eat.  We want everything right now.  So we opt out for “fast foods” and “micro foods”. 


 Anyway…..im going to give you 3 groups of foods.  Good, bad and ugly.  My new eating habit is better than being vegan…..vegans and vegetarians focus on the not eating of animal products.  But its a lot of other things killing us that’s not meat.Anyway…..im going to give you 3 groups of foods.  Good, bad and ugly.  My new eating habit is like being vegan…..vegans and vegetarians focus on the not eating of animal products.  But its a lot of other things killing us that’s not meat.



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